Spear throwing, bone relays, hyena hurdling and more in Creswell Crags' Ice Age Olympics

By Hope Wisechild | 07 June 2012
A photo of a large pristine lake stretching out towards grassy caves in the countryside
Creswell Crags, the new home of hyena hurdling© Martin Speck, geograph.org.uk
One of Europe’s most significant Palaeolithic sites is inviting visitors young and old to join the first Ice Age Olympics in August 2012.

Creswell Crags – a limestone gorge near Bolsover in the Peak District with caves inhabited by European nomads more than 10,000 years ago, will host Inuit trials, a mammoth-bone relay, hyena hurdling, a “rock shy” and other hunters’ games in a distinctly primeval festival of free family activities, including expert demonstrations of authentic Ice Age spear throwing on August 11.

Part of the Creswell Heritage Landscape Area, Creswell Crags equals Stonehenge in archaeological importance, and the Museum and Education centre features some of its rarest artefacts.
A horse engraved on a rib fragment, found in 1876, is the first British example of art more typical of French late Magdalenian cave dwellers.

Evidence unearthed since includes 13,000-year-old engravings of animals, birds and motifs found on the walls of Church Hole cave in 2003.

An exhibition of the Bolsover Dragonflies, two fossils of the giant prehistoric griffenfly found by local miners during the 1970s, is also currently on display there.

  • Runs August 8-12 2012, 11am-4pm.
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