On The Road With The Portable Antiquities Scheme 2004

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 26 November 2004
shows a gold coin held between a finger and thumb.

The Portable Antiquities Scheme has uncovered thousands of important finds throughout the UK. © PAS.

When the 24 Hour Museum discovered that the Portable Antquities Scheme was heading off around the country for a series of roadshows, we decided to follow it...

Alright, not literally, but Features Editor Richard Moss, armed with a pen, notepad and telephone, got the lowdown on the archaeological landscape from Finds Liaison Officers all over the country.

Starting in Essex and working his way to Leicestershire, where Caroline Lewis took over, Richard took us on a virtual tour of England and Wales.

Talking to Finds Liaison Officers, he discovered just what their fascinating jobs entail and found out about some of the more intriguing objects they've seen in the last couple of years.

shows a worked piece of flint with visible working marks where it has been shaped into a hand-axe shape.

Palaeolithic hand axe found in the Thames by a police diver. © West Berkshire Heritage Service.

By holding roadshows in Essex, Devon, Berkshire, Yorkshire, Wales, Shropshire and Leicestershire amateur archaeologists, metal detectorists and just about anyone was offered the chance to have any finds they'd come across identified by experts.

So, keep an eye on the 24 Hour Museum where we'll be unearthing the best of the unusual discoveries from all of the roadshows.

To read about the Portable Antiquities Scheme and get more information about the Roadshows check out our roadshows feature where we talked to Michael Lewis, Deputy Head of the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Or click on one of the links below to hear from Finds Liaison Officers up and down the country.

shows a woman kneeling in the centre of a field and looking down a hole. She is flanked by two standing men - one holding a spade, the other a metal detector.
  • Essex: The Hunt For Anglo Saxons
  • The series started in Essex where we talked to Finds Liaison Officer Caroline McDonald.

    shows a round copper alloy weight. It has an indented surface and has some symbols on it.
  • Devon: The Metal Mushroom Mystery
  • Next we looked at Devon where Nicky Powell revealed some of the things that land on the desk of an FLO.

    shows a side photograph of the top of a metal incense burner, which is shaped like a church
  • Shropshire & Herefordshire: Exploring The Borders
  • In Shropshire and Herefordshire FLO Peter Reavill explained the historical topography of the Welsh Marches.

    shows a broken gold disc - inlaid with a red and sliver motif
  • Yorkshire: Community Archaeology
  • In North and East Yorkshire Simon Holmes expounded the virtues of 'community archaeology'.

    shows a close-up of leopard-shaped handle
  • Field Walking In Wales
  • In Wales Mark Lodwick explained how field walkers are returning a vast amount of archaeological evidence about pre-historic Wales.

    shows a gold braided bracelet
  • Oxfordshire & Berkshire: A Complete Panorama
  • In Oxfordshire and berkshire Kate Sutton demonstrated the enormous range of finds that have turned up on her watch.

    shows a hand holding some old coins.
  • Leicestershire: Temple Treasure
  • Finally we headed to Leicestershire where Wendy Scott described the discovery of one of the most important Iron Age finds of recent years.

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