Curator's Choice: Peacock Visual Arts' David McCracken on a Mike Giant print in Aberdeen

David McCracken interviewed by Ben Miller | 09 September 2011
A photo of a man holding up a striking black and white print inside a gallery
Curator’s Choice:  In his own words... David McCracken, of the Black and White show at Peacock Visual arts in Aberdeen, on a print resulting from an alliance between the gallery and leading artist Mike Giant…

“Mike Giant is a world class graffiti writer, tattooist, illustrator and artist. His chosen palette is almost exclusively black and white.

In a recent interview, Mike revealed that he is red and green colour blind and didn't see subtlety in tone and hue.

He feels this works to his advantage in a modern commercial art market, as tattoos need a high contrast colour scheme to hold up over time. So his subject, coupled with a stark graphic, immediately empowers them with this timeless quality.

This print from our up and coming show is the result of a recent collaboration between the artist and Peacock Publications. It’s an effort on our part to introduce audiences to affordable prints by established artists, and so far we’ve included work by Donald Urquhart, Ian Stevenson, Mick Peter, Kenny Hunter and Seripop in an effort to introduce audiences to affordable prints by established artists.

His black and white images are instantly striking. He uses religious ephemera from a Catholic upbringing alongside the gang culture of New Mexico.

Mike follows the tradition of so many great American voices who address the audience in the first person. His style is confessional, both immediate and intimate – and to that we bow.”

  • The Black and White Show opens September 10 and runs until October 22 2011.
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