CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2013 at the Royal Geographical Society

By Culture24 Reporter | 27 March 2013

Exhibition preview: CIWEM's Environmental Photographer of the Year 2013, Royal Geographical Society, London, April 10 – May 3 2013

A photo of a colourful block of flats
Survivors (2011)© GMB Akash
Taken from 3,000 entries judged on impact, originality and technical ability, this collaboration between the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and engineering firm Atkins is a showcase of environmental photographers with a top prize of £5,000.

Its judges include Dr David Hayley, a Senior Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University, and Adam Hinton, an award-winning documentary photographer.

“The final selection makes a very strong show,” says Hayley, noting the “powerful rhythms” of the groupings.

“What emerges from those selected, and the many excellent photographs that were not, is the despair, the joy and the passion of such a diverse understanding of our relationship to the environment.”

“They tell a breathtaking and compelling range of stories on the environment and on the condition in which we live,” adds Nick Reeves, of the Institution.

“Shock and awe, beauty and despair – it's all there

“These photographs and videos are some of the most powerful images anyone will ever see.”

  • Open 10am-5pm (closed Sunday). Admission free. Continues to Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre, Cumbria from May 25 – September 1. Follow the Institution on Twitter @CIWEM.

More pictures:
a photo of a woman with a seed sorter photographed against a blue sky
Farmer under the sun. 2012.© Alamsyah Rauf
A black and white photo of two African children looking through a television screen
Trashfighter (2009)© Igor F Petkovic
A photo of a rescue boat heading towards a green oil outpost on an ocean
GPAction (2011)© Steve Morgan
A photo of an African man carrying something on his head while dust blows over him
E-Waste in Ghana #01 (2011)© Kai Löeffelbein/Laif
A photo of an industrial centre with tracks running towards it under snow
Nuclear Winter, 2012© Zoltán Balogh
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