Manu Luksch curates Beyond Surveillance - films exploring Big Brother technologies

By Laura Burgess | 17 November 2010
a film surveillance-style still of two policemen questioning a woman on the street
© videoclub
Exhibition: Videoclub presents Beyond Surveillance, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, December 2 2010; Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings, February 9 2011; South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell March 19 2011.

From CCTV and mobile phones to Google Street View, surveillance technology is everywhere. The technology found on Google Maps and Google Earth provides panoramic views of streets all over the world, allowing anyone to take a virtual wander up your street by simply logging on to their computer.

Now a collection of artists have got together to present Beyond Surveillance, a series of short films touring galleries in the South-East which responds to these new media technologies, exploring the pros and cons of the surveillance society and the big brother state.

The project questions the implications of these 21st century technologies and develops creative responses, counteracting and reversing acts of surveillance.

Artist and curator Manu Luksch has selected several films and videos by artists including David Valentine, Caspar Below, The Bureau of Inverse Technology and Michelle Teran, who each explore different aspects of re-activism to surveillance technologies.

Luksch’s own short piece, Faceless, has been internationally recognised for its approach in exploring CCTV and surveillance technology in society.

After the screenings there will be a panel of speakers who will discuss the consequences and alternatives to this supervision of daily life.

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