Brighton Photo Biennial 2010: Five to see at the Fringe

By Ben Miller | 30 September 2010
Five to see at the Brighton Photo Fringe...Part One: Denise Felkin; Liquid Feet; Masks; 4tography; Life is Stranger than Fiction

A photo of a sculpture of a bird above a colourful tent
© Denise Felkin
Denise Felkin
When Mutoid Waste Company weren’t partying in the 1980s and 1990s they spent most of their time casting giant welded sculptures out of Volkswagens and old Russian fighter jets. Denise Felkin has headed to Spain's Rocket Festival and Glastonbury to capture them.

Everybody Inn, Prince Albert Street, until Nov 12. 8pm-2am Tuesday-Thursday (4am Friday and Saturday, check website for daytime hours)

A photo of a pair of feet at the top of a bus
© Jeta Bejtullahu
Liquid Feet
Taking 20th century Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman’s concept of "liquid modernity" – a life of constant uncertainty and change – Jeta Bejtullahu asks whether we can ever resist chasing our own feet through pictures of toes resting on top of buses or peering down across yawning clifftops.

Temptation Café, Gardner Street, until Nov 14.
9am-6pm (10am-6pm Sunday)

A photo of a woman in a bra covering her face with a mask
© Erika Szostak
Self-confessed madwoman
Erika Szostak shoots three different models as part of
a masked series inspired by
writer Judith Butler's theories on gender, investigating the "smooth, ageless, indistinguishable, bland" face she suspects society wants women to show to the world.

Colourstream, St James’s Street, until Nov 14. 9am-6pm (5.30pm Saturday, closed Sunday)

A photo of two retro women
© Sarah Bird
Sarah Bird likes kitsch fashion and recently shot for Elle magazine, Adam Bronkhorst has portrayed National Kilt Day and Mexican wrestlers, and Helen McDonald creates landscapes and paintings awash with colour. Exit 23 captures lonely forests, dimly lit hotels, classic cars straight out of a Steve McQueen roadtrip and pop art portraits.

Add the Colour, North Road, Oct 17-23. 9am-7pm (10am-3pm Sun)

A photo of a young woman
© Catherine Lawrence
Life is Stranger than Fiction
Catherine Lawrence is a
University of Brighton graduate concerned with the sublime, questioning the universe and seeing the metaphor as "a
never-ending maths book made out of onion skins". Interpret
that one through mounted
pieces and limited edition
books of her works.

Brighton and Hove
Community Radio Station,
Fleet Street, until Nov 30. 12pm-6pm

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