Brighton Photo Biennial 2010: Behind the scenes at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

By Culture24 Staff | 29 September 2010
A photo of two red shoes
Rinko Kawauchi, Murmuration: Rinko Kawauchi's works are driven by her fascination with the appearance and concept of flocking starlings around the old West Pier, witnessed in different seasons by the Japanese artist.

A photo of a red circle
Kawauchi's first UK commission trails groups of people around the city, inspired by murmuration – the swirling cloud created as the birds swirl around in their packs.

A photo of a drawing by a child
Alec Soth, Brighton Picture Hunt: Drawings from Alec Soth's daughter, Carmen, who he commissioned to undertake a photographic egg hunt around the city after a grouchy customs official refused the American artist permission to work in the UK. Soth's show is named after her quest.

A photo of a newspaper billboard
Soth junior swiftly developed an obsession with some of the weirder daily instalments of billboards around Brighton advertising the latest headlines from local newspaper The Argus.

A photo of a man in an art gallery
Stephen Gill, Outside In: Hackney-based photographer Stephen Gill takes a long look at the gallery walls as his series of photographs, layering insects and ephemera found in Brighton over the inside of the camera, prepare to open to the public.

A photo of various ephemera on a table
Spot the bits of fork, jewellery, rings and string on show to illustrate the selection of items Gill gave himself to choose from for his dreamlike images.

Logo for the Brighton Photo Biennial
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More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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