Noel Betowski goes large for Out of Nowhere at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro

By Culture24 Reporter | 24 October 2011
A photo of a large orange circle surrounded by yellow and red mesh in an oil painting
© Noel Betowski
Exhibition: Out of Nowhere, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, until January 28 2012

From St Ives and the Royal Academy to becoming a double-winner of the John Constable Landscape Prize twice and numerous magazine covers, Noel Betowski has had plenty to enjoy since he graduated from the Central School of Art 38 years ago.

He first discovered Cornwall was his creative catalyst during a field trip in 1976, and moved to Penzance 11 years later, from where his kaleidoscopic triptychs (described as a "visual feast" by the Royal Cornwall Museum) have been prolific ever since.

Wall space is at a premium here, accommodating works realised in 12-hour stints during months of formulation.

"I haven't seen the triptychs hanging together before, and must admit to feeling overwhelmed," says Betowski, praising the museum for "a brilliant job" across a "wonderful" gallery.

"I have a rough idea of what I want to achieve when I start a painting , but my original ideas develop and change in the process."

Despite his love of the idyllic South-West, the original concept for Out of Nowhere actually comes from a lino print, Emerging Geometry, made by Betowski on Muswell Hill in London in 1980.

Music and mysticism have also proved key inspirations in a show full of character.

  • Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4.45pm. Admission free.

More pictures from the show:

A photo of a large and colourful oil painting triptych showing lines in blue, orange, yellow and brown
More or Less© Noel Betowski
An image of an abstract oil painting showing geometric lines and details of grey, black and green
Outside© Noel Betowski
A photo of a man in a suit standing in front of a large and complex orange oil painting
The exhibition is the first for Betowski at the Truro venue
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