Brave New Worlds: 25 artists chosen for Utopias and Dystopias at Richmond's Riverside

By Culture24 Reporter | 19 September 2011
A photo of the face of a chimp against a black background
© Robert Ridley
Exhibition: Brave New Worlds: Utopias and Dystopias, Riverside Gallery, Richmond, until November 5 2011

Selected from an open submission invite which attracted more than 500 individual works, the Riverside’s multimedia rampage across the concepts of Hieronymus Bosch, Sir Thomas More and Aldous Huxley settles on 25 works by local and national artists.

“This potent theme has captured the imagination of artists for centuries,” says Mark De Novellis, the gallery’s Curator of Exhibitions and Collections.

“Where formerly, western artists would depict visions of Arcadian Edens and cataclysmic scenes of Judgment Day, contemporary artists have translated these concepts to reflect the here and now, while revealing our hopes and fears of possible worlds and potential futures.”

Setting the idylls of utopias against the dystopian realities of life, it stars the likes of Tutte Newall, who portrays the contemporary within the biblical through domestic cats and naked young waifs in jungles and gorillas roaring in glass jars, and Tom Bonson, an illustrator whose intensely detailed sketches and drawings usually manage to commit entire imagined worlds to a single sheet.

  • Open 10am-5pm (6pm Monday and Wednesday, 10am-1.30pm Saturday). Admission free.

More pictures from the show:

A photo of a painting of a grey block of flats with a large sun reflecting against the windows
Samuel Capps, Dendrochronology in Concrete © Samuel Capps
A photo of a circular painting of a gorilla in a glass jar on a lake against a backdrop of forests and mountains
Tutte Newall, The Silent Captive© Tutte Newall
A photo of a painting of gunmen in a forest covered in pink paint
Neil Metzner, We Three Kings © Neil Metzner
A photo of a black and white ink and pencil painting of an alien world
Kevin Kelly, Episodes of Hermitic Virtue - Memory Theatre © Kevin Kelly
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