Craft Council curiosities revealed as Deviants tour heads to Worcester

By Culture24 Staff | 09 February 2009
A picture of a metallic construction

Pic courtesy Crafts Council

Exhibition: Deviants, Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum, Worcester, to March 7

Sometimes it’s the ones that get away that prove to be the most fascinating in collections.

A picture of two cone shaped objects in plaster and paint

Pic courtesy Crafts Council

Neatly-fashioned traditional craft models, for all their precision and beauty, can easily lack the character of less symmetrically perfect pieces, which might explain why the Crafts Council has sent 16 curious pieces out on tour which promise to deviate wildly from the usual perceptions.

A picture of an animal-style piece in multicolour

Pic courtesy Crafts Council

Jill Crowley likes to form heads of people and animals, including a teapot in the shape of a motioning hand, and ceramist Carol McNicoll has been known to make folded fruit dishes and Alice in Wonderland teasets, believing that patterns are "the best thing in the world."

A picture of a papier-mache style ornament on top of a tiny model stool

Pic courtesy Crafts Council

The Lonely Piper, a Dundee-based writer and artist, has written an accompanying alternative gallery guide in which he declares Angus Suttie’s Teapot “a painted clay celebration that’s not for the prudish of nature” and Hans Stofer’s Grape Trap “a grape imprisoned for the crime of being not green enough.”

A picture of a metal trap with grapes running through it

Pic courtesy Crafts Council

There’s also an unfurling jug, a pot with ears, a glove with 25 fingers and teapots with legs in a show the Council is touring to provide a different perspective on craftsmanship in which the boundaries of creativity are humorously prodded.

A picture of a yellow and black crafted teapot

Pic courtesy Crafts Council

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