Ceramic Art London 2016: Four potters to check out at this year's fair

| 06 April 2016

Ceramic Art London 2016 takes place in the wonderful Victorian Granary buildings of Central Saint Martins in King's Cross between April 8 and April 10. Here's four newcomers to the fair to look out for this year

Yuta Segawa

a composite photo showing rows of miniature pots on a table and a hand holding a selection of them in a palm below
Yuta Segawa, Miniature Pots, Thrown Glazed. © Courtesy of Ceramic Art London
Japanese born Yuta Segawa takes his experimentation and manipulation of the craft to a whole new level with Miniature – the methodical and meticulous execution of hundreds of tiny pots with jewel-like colours, which will be showing at this year's fair.

Another ceramic project, Action, saw Segawa literally throw himself onto his wheel using various body parts - feet, chest, even his mouth - to create skewed, irregular bowls, which are surprisingly sleek yet unique.
For Mountain, he created a multiple-pot pyramid of forms, which he built up through the repetitive physical act of throwing individual pots on top of one another and then coating them in a single, unifying - often sickly metallic - colour.


Rebecca Appleby

a photo of an abstract ceramic in black, brown and brown glaze
Rebecca Appleby, A Response to, and re-Imagination of the City Exploring Architecture, Urban Fabric, Decay and Industrial Archaeology. © Courtesy of Ceramic Art London
In a career spanning some twenty years, Rebecca Appleby's ceramic sculptures explore the unseen, overlooked or abandoned fabric of contemporary urban structures & decay. The series ‘Random Order' explores the concept of order, control & the antithesis, nature and organic expression.

Formally the vessels are constructed using slabs of clay with a particular focus on edges and joints. The multi-layered marks used are symbolic of surfaces encountered in the natural and industrial urban landscape; lines, grids, numerical symbolism and blocks of colour juxtapose erratic handwritten text and random, organic spontaneous references.


Paul Wearing

a photo of a large low dish with a grey and mottled brown glaze
Paul Wearing, Low Wide Ellipse. Press-moulded and coiled with multiple slips and glazes. © Courtesy of Ceramic Art London.
Paul Wearing studied ceramics to postgraduate level in Cardiff where he has lived and worked since. He is particularly interested in textures that manifest naturally on surfaces within diverse urban and rural landscapes. He expresses his relationship to these through the glazed surface and coil-built ceramic vessel form.

It is this relationship between the slower emerging life cycles of nature and the making process leading to alchemical developments within the kiln that underpins his work. The bisque fired surface is built up and transformed through the application of layers of slips and glazes.


Georgina Saunders

a photo of a bowl in white stoneware
Georgina Saunders, Celestial Object, 2015, Wheel Thrown, Stoneware. © Courtesy of Ceramic Art London
Originally working in furniture and product design, Georgina Saunders turned to ceramics when she was provided the opportunity to study in Seoul, South Korea several years ago.

Georgina’s work explores the purity of the vessel and how the surface treatment can enhance this. Her colour palette is confined to black and cream - the natural colour of the clay. It is important to her that the surface treatment is not merely decoration and showcases the true materiality of the clay.

Through a small repetitive task she slowly adorns the exterior surface of the vessel. In this case she has drawn lines upon lines with underglaze pencil, grading the surface in a way that highlights the form, but leaving the exterior surface unglazed.


  • Ceramic Art London, featuring the work of over 80 studio ceramicists, is presented by The Craft Potters Association in partnership with Ceramic Review. It takes place Friday April 8, 10am-6pm; Saturday April 9, 10am-6pm; Sunday April 10, 10am-5pm at Central Saint Martins, 1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA. See www.ceramics.org.uk/ for more. 
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