Mystery artist claims The The Things Is (For 3) at Milton Keynes Gallery

By Mark Sheerin | 04 August 2010
Drums and electric guitars set up and ready to play in a gallery

(Above) Rock band stage kit in one of the interactive pieces. Image: Milton Keynes Gallery

Exhibition: The The Things Is (For 3), Milton Keynes Gallery, until September 12 2010

Sometimes it's not about what the art says, so much as what does not get said. In a piece at Milton Keynes Gallery, the artist has spent 24 hours in New York and recorded his/her silence on tape. The title is inspired: Went to America Didn't Say a Word.

He or she is equally unforthcoming about his/her identity in the current show. Gallery literature just refers to a London-based artist. But with the help of an internet link it is not too hard to put a name to the pranks on display.

Clue: it is not Mark Leckey, although it is his press image, taken from the last show at MKG, which has been bastardized for the invitation to The The Things Is (For 3). You may not even have realised a new exhibition is in progress.

However, visitors to the gallery will find there is plenty of fresh, carefully authored work on display. Promised highlights include a denim carpet and a full set of kit for performing a rock gig. Both offer visitors a chance to leave an impression.

Less elaborate, but no less elegant, are a number of pieces which adapt paper based media to artistic ends. One involves removing staples from centrefolds to explore the odd combinations of images on pages from the front and back of magazines.

This piece, like the stateside trip, leaves ample room for third party comments. Better still, you can try it at home.

Admission free. Open 12pm – 8pm Tuesday – Friday (from 11am Saturday, 11am – 5pm Sunday).

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