National BlindArt Collection moves into Royal National College for the Blind

By Culture24 Staff | 15 September 2009
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a group of people smelling an interactive artwork

Exploring Alexandra Conil-Lacoste's Symphonie des Parfums. RNC

The National BlindArt Collection has been given a permanent home at the Royal National College for the Blind.

It is the world's first permanent showcase of fully accessible visual art and includes more than 30 exceptional paintings sculptures, installations and other works of art to engage all the senses.

Unlike many art galleries, this collection encourages visitors to explore and interpret these diverse and thought-provoking pieces through touch, sound and smell as well as sight.

two sculptures one red and one blue covered with flocking

This is Blood Cells by Natasha Lewer – a two part ceramic and flocking sculpture. © BlindArt

"RNC is absolutely the right place for the collection, which is all about access, interpretation and inspiration," said Sheri Khyami, founder and director of the Charity BlindArt.

"The collection is living and breathing proof that visually-impaired people can and do create great art. RNC can help us to encourage more people to appreciate that, while inspiring others to express themselves through creating great art too."

a woman touching a textured piece of artwork

S1&ht3d by Fiona Zobhole. © Martin Avery

The collection's hands-on approach will help schools and other visiting groups understand the value of accessible art through special education sessions and by participating in regional and national arts events.

Open until September 20, 1pm-7pm as part of Herefordshire Art Week and then every Thursday, 1pm-7pm and Sunday, 10am-5pm.

For more information on the collection visit the BlindArt website.

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