Strange sea monsters take over Berwick Gymnasium Gallery

By Culture24 Staff Published: 29 May 2009

a photo of a humanoid lying prone in a pool of pebbles and rocks

Picture © Kim L Pace

Exhibition: Kim L Pace, Sea Change at Berwick Gymnasium Art Gallery, Berwick-upon Tweed, until June 28 2009.

Berwick Gymnasium is currently playing host to a series of intriguing works developed in response to Northumberland's seaside folk tales and traditions.

Artist Kim L Pace has spent the last eight months researching the mythical creatures and tales associated with the local coastline, as part of the Berwick Gymnasium’s rolling programme of innovative residencies responding to the town and its location.

Sea Change delves into local stories, anecdotes and superstitions associated with the sea including fishing disasters and shipwrecks, creating alien-like characters that gravitate towards shorelines and rock-pools.

a photo of a humanoid figure lying prone in a pool of pebbles and rocks

Picture © Kim L Pace

“Berwick Beach has a unique, atmospheric, other worldly feel - providing a physical sensation like you’ve landed on another planet,” explains Pace. “Sea Change has enabled me to work creatively developing my art; I’ve been deeply influenced by an experiential response to living in this curious border location.”

Organised into three interrelated parts, Sea Change begins with a large-scale diagram which maps out the different elements of research, ideas, experiences and references that have formed part of the project.

The second part includes drawings, photographs and objects arranged into a travelling museum of curios and the third is a film that combines stop-motion animation with other extraordinary imagery to produce a mysterious and compelling underwater world populated by eerie and fantastical creatures.

a photo of a humanoid lying prone in a pool of seaweed and rocks

Picture © Kim L Pace

Kim L Pace has a strong track record of using history, folk tales, literature and anthropology to create drawings, installations and animations that use mysterious and evocative subject matter that can’t always be fully explained.

For this latest a body of work she has created an artwork that she says will “hopefully have people both scratching their head in wonderment and celebrating the beautifully mysterious location of Berwick-upon-Tweed.”

The Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship is open to all professional artists and has for the past 16 years, been providing time and resources for artists to make new work and take risks.

a black and white photo of a strange humanoid creature

Photo © Kim L Pace

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