TRIP - Crazy Psychogeographic Art Happening Hits Manchester

By Marian Cleary | 06 June 2008
a photograph of an interior room scene with a a person standing in the foreground with a deer on their head

Jane Samuels, from the Abandoned Buildings series. © the artist

Venues throughout Manchester including URBIS, Green Room and The Royal Exchange Theatre will be hosting mind and location specific art and interventions during June as a part of TRIP (Territories Reimagined: International Perspectives).

Part psychology and part geography, the programme of art and performances will bring a new perspective to familiar and unfamiliar territory.

Dubbed ‘a psychogeographic series of events and phenomena’, the installations, interventions and performances will also be discussed and explored through a conference organised by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) from June 19 to 21 2008.

The two parts of the event will overlap as some speakers at the conference at the John Dalton Building, Oxford Road, will also be producing artworks and performances for the public.

a computerised speech bubble with the words: Is this an orginal copy? No its just and ambient tale spinner

John Rooney and Pam Shaw, a poster from the Final Windows series. © the artists

The artists and performers involved include Jane Samuels who will be showing her Abandoned Buildings Project photo installation at Green Room until June 22, the TEA art collective which has an audio-visual installation at Urbis until June 21 and The Loiterers Resistance Movement at the Royal Exchange Theatre until June 28.

Events also include a three-sided psychogeographic football game between 1.30 pm and 3pm under the Mancunian Way on June 21 - organised by New York’s Frank Kickball Jesus. Welsh art group Parking Non-Stop will be fusing poetry architecture and sound at MMU.

There will also be the opportunity to experience psychogeographic walks organised with the aim of helping participants experience the city centre in new ways.

a photo of a person with a deer mask on their head standing in a basement

Jane Samuels, from the Abandoned Buildings series. © the artist

Contributors to TRIP take their lead in part from the Situationists in Paris 1968. Situationist-inspired posters from Pam Shaw and John Rooney are on show at the Green Room.

Literary explorations of urban space - of the type found in the novels of Iain Sinclair and Peter Ackroyd - also form part of the psychogeographic tradition in which TRIP contributors are working.

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More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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