The Connect10 vote: Alex Hartley heads to Market Hall Museum in Warwick for Museums at Night

| 14 December 2013 | Updated: 30 January 2013

The Connect10 vote to see where Alex Hartley appears for Museums at Night has been won by Market Hall Museum in Warwick

a photo of a man stood on a rock in the sea
© Max McClure
Alex Hartley is heading to Warwick's Market Hall Museum for Museums at Night.

The much treasured venue is proposing twinning Warwickshire with Alex's feted Olympiad project, Nowhere Island, with a large Trading Museum across a square mile of Warwick involving up to 50 community groups displaying what defines them and what they value.

More on Alex Hartley:

Alex Hartley is a British artist whose work addresses complicated and sometimes contradictory attitudes toward built environments and landscapes. His work explores the boundaries of photography, architecture and installation.

Hartley came to the public attention during the summer of 2012 with Nowhereisland – a floating principality, which Hartley floated around the South West coast of England for the Cultural Olympiad. For Museums at Night, Hartley is proposing to explore the different threads that bind a community together.

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