Glasgow artist Andrew Miller responds to Baltic with bunting in sculptural show Dusk or Dawn

By Ben Miller | 20 August 2012
A photo of a pile of multi-coloured second-hand clothes including shirts and mixed fabrics
Andrew Miller, You, me, Something Else© Andrew Miller
Exhibition: Andrew Miller – Dusk or Dawn, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, until October 7 2012

If the celebratory feel of the past few months is a rapidly evaporating one, some sculptural solace might be found in Andrew Miller’s work.

First exhibited at the Gallery of Modern Art in his home city of Glasgow last year, the title of You, me, Something Else is indicative of the ambiguity with which he assembles a totem pole of objects bearing more than a passing resemblance to stacked lampshades. Second-hand or donated clothing provides the materials for a new kind of bunting which celebrates precisely nothing.

His second work here, Other People’s Time, takes its title from a body of work first conceived in 1992 – the start of a decade when Miller was one of a succession of bright new artists to emerge from the Glasgow School of Art.

It uses reflective aluminium tape in a piece which appears to perpetually shift as viewers move around the gallery, responding to the BALTIC 39 space and extending Miller’s 18-year interest in experimenting with labour materials once used as part of a greater, more functional whole.

  • Open 10am-6pm (10.30am-6pm Tuesday). Admission free.
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