In Pictures: Love, poetry and landscape celebrated in London 2012 Peace Camp

By Culture24 Reporter | 20 July 2012
A photo of a digital motorway sign indicating that a peace camp will be held in July
Peace Camp, an installation of 2,000 tents at coastal sites from Cornwall to the Outer Hebrides, allows visitors to wander around glowing encampments to the accompaniment of a soundscape of voices created by composer Mel Mercier© Richard Nias,
A photo of rows and rows of small white tents on grassland near stone ruins and sea
The project is based on the idea of the Olympic Truce – the premise of the original Games, in 776 BC in ancient Olympia. Warring Greek cities would set aside their differences to celebrate togetherness and experience peace inspired by sport© Richard Nias,
A photo of a series of tents glowing orange to illuminate stone ruins on a clifftop at night
Organised by creative group Artichoke, the soundscape of poems from across the centuries is visiting some remarkable locations: Cemaes Bay in Wales, Mussenden Temple in Northern Ireland and Cuckmere Haven, in Sussex, are among them© Richard Nias,
A photo of two women resting in grassland outside glowing tents while being filmed
BBC Two's The Culture Show filmed at the site in Glamorgan for a feature screened earlier this week. Presenter Cerys Matthews discussed the work with actor and collaborator Fiona Shaw, hearing poetry flow through the tents© Richard Nias,
A photo of people walking around glowing white tents on a clifftop at dusk or dawn
As dusk begins to fall each day, the artworks start to come to life. The idea is for these installations to encircle the UK in a symbolic call to peace, with visitors encouraged to take a trip to the sites between sunset and the dawn© Richard Nias,
A photo of a road sign pointing to a peace camp in July at Dunstanburgh Castle
Dunstanburgh Castle, in Northumberland, is one of eight sites taking part. Built by the Earl of Lancaster as a symbol of rebellion at the start of the 14th century, it inspired JMW Turner paintings, and is now the country's largest ruin© Richard Nias,
A photo of rows of white tents on grassland on a cliff overlooking a calm blue sea
Peace Camp is part of the Cultural Olympiad and the London 2012 Festival, providing creative accompaniment to the Games. It is backed by the Arts Council and the National Trust, and will be part of the City of Culture 2013© Richard Nias,

Peace Camp runs until July 22 2012. The artworks will appear from 9.30pm-5.30am at the following venues:

  • Cuckmere Haven, Seven Sisters, East Sussex
  • Cemaes Bay, Anglesey, Wales
  • Downhill Beach / Mussenden Temple, Borough of Coleraine, Northern Ireland
  • White Park Bay, North Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland
  • Fort Fiddes, Cullykhan Bay, Aberdeenshire
  • Cliff Beach, Valtos (Bhaltos), Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides
  • Dunstanburgh Castle, Craster, Northumberland
  • Godrevy, North Cornwall

Admission is free but booking is recommended at (booking unavailable for Mussenden Temple and Godrevy Beach).
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