Sarah Lucas creates sculptures from Ordinary Things at Henry Moore Institute in Leeds

By Ruth Hazard | 20 July 2012
Au Naturel (1994) is one of 30 sculptures by Sarah Lucas being exhibited in Leeds© the artist, courtesy Murderme and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Exhibition: Sarah Lucas: Ordinary Things, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, until October 21 2012

Sarah Lucas has become known for making art that is provocative and, at times, genuinely shocking. The divisive subject matter means that it’s easy to overlook the significant role this work has played in challenging the boundaries of sculptural practice, process and form.

Ordinary Things identifies Lucas’ consistent questioning of what defines sculpture, drawing out pieces from her varied career.

Suffolk bunny (1997-2004)© the artist, courtesy Murderme and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Playing with art historical notions of sculpture, she subverts the traditional figure and cast forms to instead create human representations from found objects and other "ordinary things".

Au Naturel (1994) depicts a couple on a bed, the man represented by a cucumber and a pair of oranges and a woman by a pair of melons and a bucket. Both compositions are constructed from materials from everyday life, needing to be replaced as decay sets in.

In the seven NUDS (2009-2010) limbs can be seen wrapping around each other in knotted couplings, the natural tights stuffed with fluff and stiffened by wire to create the appearance of cellulite-marked flesh.

The display also features Suffolk Bunny and Big Fat Anarchic Spider from her early collections, as well as new pieces including Jubilee, created this year.

  • Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11am-5.30pm (8pm Wednesday, closed Bank Holidays). Admission Free.

More pictures:

NUD 2 is from Lucas' recent scultpure series, NUDS, created in 2009© the artist, courtesy Murderme and Sadie Coles HQ, London

Big Fat Anarchic Spider (1993) is made from tights and newspapers© the artist, courtesy Murderme and Sadie Coles HQ, London

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