In his own Words: Kurt Hentschläger on his CORE installation at Enginuity

By Ben Miller | 23 February 2012
A photo of a man standing next to an industrial wheel at a gorge
In his own Words...artist Kurt Hentschläger on CORE, a series of five screens stretching 32 metres which will premiere at Enginuity – part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Shropshire – in March...

“CORE is the next generation of my generative 3D animation and sound work. The commission will feature a sequence of windows into a weightless world populated by groups of humanoid figures.

These figures interact like a school of fish or a flock of birds and at other times like intricately choreographed modern ballet dancers or synchronised swimmers.

In CORE, the figures interact with each other in real-time
CORE is rendered in real-time using real world physics as a model for computer calculations, which result on screen in only so much predictable behavior, spread out in infinite, unrepeatable variations over time.

When I began exhibiting my work back in 1983, I concentrated on creating surreal machine-objects. From there, I have been working with time-based media, film, video, animation and sound ever since.

My past and current work orbits around concepts of the sublime and what’s called the human condition. As part of it I research human perception and the impact of new technologies on both individual and collective consciousness.

For 10 years across the 1990s, I worked collaboratively as one half of “Granular Synthesis”, using large scale projected images and drone-like soundscapes.

Audiences felt overwhelmed with sensory stimulation from these pieces. I anticipate that the audience at Ironbridge will feel similarly absorbed by CORE.

The lead curator on this exciting project is Richard Castelli, the Director of Epidemic, a French-based creative consortium.

Richard is a French producer who, as well as being Director of Epidemic, has curated many major international exhibitions and was Senior Curator when Lille was European Cultural Capital in 2004.

His ability to “see” an artwork in situ has opened up possibilities for me to reach a new audience with the greatest impact.

As an Austrian who lives in Chicago, I’m really proud that this work will form part of the London 2012 Festival, generating new audiences in the West Midlands and hopefully leaving an important legacy for the region.

I’ve exhibited all around the world, including the Venice Biennial, National Art Museum of China in Beijing and the National Museum for Contemporary Art in Seoul. But it’s so fitting that this work, called CORE, should be premiered at Ironbridge Gorge, a place that’s had a huge impact on history.

It was here that Abraham Darby first smelted iron using coke as a fuel—a discovery sparked off the Industrial Revolution.

They’ve always had vision and been at the cutting edge of technology and, as this work depends on a new medium to unfold, I couldn’t be happier that it’s going to be shown there."

  • CORE opens at The Engine Shop, Enginuity on March 23 2012.
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