The Connect10 Vote: You choose where Polly Morgan goes for Museums at Night 2012

| 06 February 2012
a photo of Polly Morgan
Polly Morgan
is a contemporary, highly-acclaimed taxidermist whose poignant installations have been collected by Kate Moss. Three venues are in the running to see her amazing talent up close.

Voting is now closed. Find out where Polly Morgan will be appearing when we reveal the results of the Connect10 competition on March 7.

Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool

Dinosaur footprints and Tasmanian devils pervade the gothic halls of the University of Liverpool's distinctive red brick gift to the people of the city. First opened in 1892, it recently enjoyed an £8.6 million overhaul.

They say: "The neo-gothic splendour of our home is the perfect setting for Polly to demonstrate her unique interpretation of the art of taxidermy, surrounded by Victorian bottled creatures, taxidermy and 19th Century ornithological paintings by John Audubon. It's a cabinet of curiosities.

Visitors will be fascinated by a live demonstration of taxidermy – the perfect prelude for Spectacle of the Lost, our exhibition of photographs of birds' contorted bodies after collisions with skyscrapers. It links to Morgan's work on the 'dying fall'."

Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol

Established as a result of graveyard overcrowding in 1837, Arnos Vale was briefly Bristol's only place of burial. These days the 45-acre, Grade-II listed site is also a nationally-important sprawl for wildlife.

They say: "Combining a love of the natural world with Cabinets of Curiosity and Memento Mori, Polly Morgan will demonstrate the taxidermist's craft in our mortuary chapel, accompanied by displays of Victorian mourning objet d’art, and live wildlife.

Then explore the cemetery's wild paths and graves in a lamplit tour in search of creatures carved in the night. A night to remember - you won't look at wild life in quite the same way again..."

Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, York

Established in 1830, the Yorkshire Museum has a scientific heritage - it held the inaugural meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science a year after opening, and its Grade I-listed home hosts permanent collections of geology, astronomy, biology and archaeology.

They say: "Help us explore the controversy, resurgence, and popularity of taxidermy. Is it art, science or both?

We want to inspire with unconventional and conventional animals as made objects out of context. Polly Morgan’s work, exhibits by other contemporary artists and  taxidermists, museum pieces, live demonstrations and more will all tell the story.

Challenge your own perceptions from what you see and hear and participate in the debate by contributing your thoughts to live art exhibits created throughout the night."

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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