The Connect10 Vote: You choose where Bompas and Parr go for Museums at Night 2012

| 02 March 2012
a photo of Sam Bompass and Harry Parr (Image and Illustration Credit Carl Palmer and Emma Rios)
Bompas & Parr are your dedicated jellymonger heroes, creating spectacular culinary experiences ranging from architectural jellies to lakes of cocktails.

Voting is now closed - find out where Bompas and Parr will be appearing when we reveal the results of the Connect10 competition on March 7.

Brunel's SS Great Britain

Few places across the country could boast a venue as spectacular as the towering riverside juggernaut once manned by Victorian seafarers.

They say: "Get a wobble on and vote for Brunel’s ss Great Britain – the world's first luxury liner – in jelly.

Britain's most famous engineer [Isambard Kingdom Brunel] worked in solid iron. Bompas and Parr create translucent masterpieces. It’s a marriage made in delicious dessert heaven.

Victorians loved jelly and ginormous steamships, and so do we. Imagine a wibbly-wobbly giant hull; a funnel that sways in the wind; and the devilishly difficult gelatinous masts. Combine one ship and the jellymongers and it's jelly-tastic."

Caithness Horizons

There might be some travelling involved for our fearless foodies, but the county of Caithness - right on the North-East tip of Scotland - has its story told in this elegant museum in the highland town of Thurso.

They say: "Caithness Horizons is the most northerly museum on mainland Britain. Our visitors call us 'a hidden gem'.

We'd like to use this opportunity to increase reactions to our nuclear industry collection. Caithness is home to the Dounreay Experimental Reactor Establishment, which is currently being decommissioned.

The sphere of the Dounreay Fast Reactor is an iconic 20th century landmark and one of Scotland's engineering marvels. It is destined for demolition. We think a jelly replica would be a fitting memorial."

Belgrave Hall Museum and Gardens, Leicester

Built in 1709 and established in 1936, this beautiful Queen Anne house is famous for sightings of unexplained phenomena. When the ghosts aren't circling, the Grade II-listed building doubles as a peaceful oasis next to Leicester's bustling Golden Mile of Indian jewellers, sari shops and delicious spicy foods.

They say: "Historic records tell of an amazing jelly made with a Belgrave mould, where coloured spirals could be seen inside the glowing jelly.

Bompas and Parr would recreate the jelly in the gardens of the haunted 300-year-old Belgrave Hall, beneath the ancient yew trees.

The jelly will wobble in the night sky, displaying multicoloured spirals at the centre of glowing, translucent, spice-flavoured turrets.

Vote for Bompas and Parr to bring to life a unique, spectacular jelly tradition."

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