Ten artists exhibit fear of place in Danielle Arnaud group show TOPOPHOBIA

By Mark Sheerin | 12 January 2012
Film still of a wrecked car billowing smoke
David Ferrando Giraut, Road Movie (Perpetuum Mobile) (2008)© David Ferrando Giraut
Exhibition: TOPOPHOBIA, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary art, London, January 13 – February 19 2012

Art lovers with an aversion to South London could do worse than visit Kennington in the next few weeks for a new group show about the fear of place.

TOPOPHOBIA is at the none-too-threatening Georgian townhouse which hosts work for Danielle Arnaud.

But like any phobia, this one is no laughing matter. So expect a serious exploration of place-inspired anxiety from the ten artists in the show, along with some consideration of the effects of technology on our perceptions about just where we are.

Co-curator Anne Eggebert, for example, makes drawings based on Google Earth, while her collaborator, Polly Gould, does watercolour from the reflection in a globe.

Matthias Einhoff films an urban wasteland in the style of a corporate video and Albert Rink uses visualisation software to create architectural but virtual spaces.

Lo-fi work is also on offer. Emily Speed dresses up in a protective sculpture made from shutters. Abigail Reynolds makes collage from vintage books and magazines.

TOPOPHOBIA promises to be a focussed show for our teletechnological times. And it is due to get around a bit, touring to the Bluecoat Liverpool and Spacex Exeter. So Eggebert and Gould are, one hopes, free from the eponymous condition.

  • Danielle Arnaud, Kennington Road, London. Open 2pm-6pm Friday-Sunday. Admission free.
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