Meet the Connect10 artist: Bob and Roberta Smith

| 09 January 2012
a photo of a man in a deckchair wearing a hat surrounded by musical intruments and placards
© Courtesy Bob and Roberta Smith
Introducing the Connect10 artists taking part in the exciting new competition for Museums at Night 2012.

Artist, activist, raconteur, radio DJ, musician, Tate Trustee: the talents and interests of Bob & Roberta Smith are many, although his most recognisable creations are his signs and slogans.

The double-monikered sign writer, prankster and polymath produces impactful art and performances with a strong DIY and participatory element, traceable to his roots in punk rock music and the protest movement.

His latest artistic venture is a response to the TEA Party of America. Join the Art Party can be read as a kind of manifestation of Smith’s fervent belief in art as a medium for social change, but he also describes it as a pressure group – “a point of contact for people who agree that the arts are important.” 

Currently showing at the Boiler in Williamsburg, Virginia, the show is illuminated by the trademark satirical and political sloganeering and performance that have marked Bob & Roberta Smith out as one of the most interesting and inclusive artists currently at work in the UK.

Bob and Roberta lists his interests as: Politics, Feminism, The Public Realm, Graphics, Archives and Join The Art Party.

Visit the official Bob & Roberta Smith website

See his Hales Gallery profile

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More images:

a painted suitcase with the words join the art party
Join the Art Party© Bob and Roberta Smith
a painting dominated by the words Hijack Reality
Hijack Reality© Bob and Roberta Smith
a sign with the words animals are not food
Animals are not food (2006)© Bob and Roberta Smith
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