International artists explore colour in The Future Tense

By Culture24 Reporter | 05 December 2011
A photo of a silhouette of a man against a canvas full of colourful paint
© Future Tense
Exhibition: The Future Tense: Spectra I, Londonewcastle Project Space, London, until December 18 2011

Taking the words of early 20th century Swiss-German painter Paul Klee as an inspiration – the influential palette contortionist called colour "the place where our brain and the universe meet" – Spectra I explores some of the artists putting the full range of the rainbow to flamboyant use today.

They include meticulous paintings and a site-specific installation from Lee Baker, who is interested in the current cultural order in Japan, and canvasses and hand-cut works from Adam Ball, who plays with light and colour in works which have been sparked by Tropical rainforests and images from microbiology.

Katrin Fridriks offers further global multiculturalism by focusing on the "natural energies" of Iceland, merging them with Japanese calligraphy, contemporary pop art and architecture in a series of abstract landscapes and an installation.

And for his first time in a UK Gallery, self-taught Japanese sculptor Haroshi has carved a line of three-dimensional wooden marvels from recycled skateboard decks.

Elsewhere there are digital drawings and laser cuts from Chuck Elliott, pitched somewhere between printmaking and photography, as well as gravure etchings courtesy of James Marshall and, in designs Miami-based artist Jen Stark tries to imbue with a kind of hypnotic repetition, artworks comprising echoing patterns based on ones found in nature and the theories of colour, mathematics and science.

  • Londonewcastle Project Space, Redchurch Street, London. Open 12pm-8pm (6pm Saturday and Sunday). Admission free. Visit The Future Tense for full details.

More pictures:

A photo of two circular multicoloured shapes on a gallery wall surrounded by circles of light
Exclusive new works by Chuck Elliott (left) include laser-cut Diasec pieces, and Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks aims to "envelop space, shape and time" in pieces blending pop art, architecture and calligraphy
© Future Tense
A photo of lengths of blue string covering the floor of a gallery with an installation of pink strings coming from the wall
Lee Baker's Refractive Monolith is a spectacular-looking site specific installation. The artist aims to explore elements of the fragile and intricate cultural aesthetic of Japan
© Future Tense
A photo of thin squares of multicoloured canvas against a darkened wall in a gallery
Fridriks has made a number of new paintings for Spectra I, inspired by her native country and partly incorporating a "uniquely expressive visual language"
© Future Tense
A photo of multicoloured graffiti style art on canvases inside a shadowy gallery
Painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, animation and digital art form all feature in the imaginative international show
© Future Tense
A photo of a multicoloured graffiti style contemporary painting on white canvas inside a darkened gallery
Miami-based artist Jen Stark takes on themes of replication and infinity, aiming to create the hypnotic feel of traditional mandalas and sacred objects
© Future Tense
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