Jacques Rival brings multi-coloured 9m birdcage to London construction site

By Mark Sheerin | 15 November 2011
Visualisataion of a giant glowing cage hoisted into the sky by a crane
Jacques Rival, IFO (visualisation)© Jacques Rival and King's Cross
London's new gateway to France has imported some gallic humour to the ongoing building site. From tomorrow, visitors to King's Cross will be able to spot a nine metre high birdcage somewhere in the vicinity.

And once a month, the so-called IFO (Identified Flying Object) will be impossible to miss as the site's biggest crane hoists it well into the night sky. Glowing coloured bars should make it even easier to locate.

IFO runs until 2013 and, thanks to the lightshow, may become one of the capital's best loved site specific works. Its shifting location, as it moves from kiosk to rooftop to the heart of the site, also promises to intrigue.

Along with coffees, organisers plan seminars and performances for the cage, which naturally features a swing on which Londoners can at other times sit and contemplate their rapidly changing city.

But artist and architect Jacque Rival has even less practical aims for his installation. His website promises absurdity when on the ground and a chance when the structure is airborne for viewers to recapture their liberty.

IFO is curated by Anglo-French partnership Michael Pinsky and Stéphanie Delcroix. The project forms part of RELAY, a three-year programme which is also set to bring work by Felice Varini, Marjetica Potrc, and Richard Wentworth to the 67-acre site.

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