Richard Long heads for the roads and mountains in show at Abbot Hall Art Gallery

By Culture24 Reporter | 28 October 2011
A photo of a man standing on a ladder sculpting a spiralling brown painting in a gallery
Exhibition: Artist Rooms: Richard Long, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, until December 17 2011

Staring intently, hands draped with gunk, a ladder poised next to one of the huge canvasses behind him, Richard Long looked to have taken on a slightly shamanistic position as his new works – travelling to picturesque Cumbria as part of the Artist Rooms pilgrimage – went on show at Abbot Hall.

Understandable really, as the revered sculptor and nature lover reveals new works including River Avon Mud Slow Circle and Cornish State Ellipse, trademark trails through terrain from the artist who has spent the past 50-odd years following river sources, stone patterns and geographical lines across continents.

"My art is about working in the wide world," he says.

"On the surface of the earth my outdoor sculptures and walking locations are not subject to possession and ownership.

"I like the fact that roads and mountains are common, public land."

More pictures from the show:

A photo of a man standing in front of a spiralling art work with one hand covered in clay
A photo of a man holding a ladder as he creates a circular sculpture in an art gallery
A blurred photo of an abstract tending to a circular piece of artwork on a gallery wall
A photo of a man dabbing at a piece of artwork on a wall with a brush
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