Stories In The Making - 'Wire Poems' At The Mission Gallery In Swansea

By Graham Spicer | 21 November 2005
Shows a photo of a wire framed object with intricate floral and decorative patterning across it

If You Come My Way by Julia Griffiths Jones. Julia's wire works combine folk art, drawing and textile. Photo courtesy Mission Gallery

Mission Gallery in Swansea is hosting a new exhibition of work described as ‘wire poems’.

Stories In The Making, by Julia Griffiths Jones, runs until January 7 2006, and combines elements of folk art, textiles and drawing to create the unique sculptures.

Julia works with wire to make what cultural historian Dr Elin Jones, who opened the show, describes as ‘embroideries in the air’. The works were inspired by the parallels between domestic life and some of the techniques and styles found in folk art.

“Throughout the world there is a strong tradition of women working with textiles to decorate their homes and clothes,” explained Julia.

Shows a photo of a wire framed object with intricate floral and decorative patterning across it

Homage To Calder. Photo courtesy Mission Gallery

“Designs vary from country to country, depending on religion and cultural traditions,” she added, “but many motifs in folk art are universal and represent items that are important to women’s lives – the home, animals, fertility, flowers and birds.”

Julia lives and works in West Wales and has also been involved in teaching since 1978. She is currently a part-time lecturer on the BA Surface Pattern Design course at Swansea Institute and has also shared her wire-working expertise with members of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

She has exhibited widely in Britain and abroad and received a Creative Wales Award in 2003 from the Arts Council of Wales to support the development of Stories In The Making.

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