In Pictures: Biba and Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

By Culture24 Reporter | 20 September 2012
A photo of a selection of dresses inside an art gallery
The new exhibition at the Brighton Museum celebrates the career of Barbara Hulanicki, who changed the destiny of fashion through her Biba store during the mid-1960s
A photo of a selection of dresses in a gallery
Fake fur was a popular choice for Biba coats and jackets in the late 1960s and early 1970s - most prominently used as a fake leopard skin
A photo of a red dress and a black dress next to each other inside an art gallery
Hulanicki opened a label under her own name in the mid-1980s and sold her designs from shops in London: one in Regent's Street and the other in Holland Park
A photo of an elegant black dress with lilac patterns on it inside an art gallery
The print of this dress is known as the banana print. It began on Biba wallpapers sold in the Kensington High Street shop, and most recently featured on wallpaper for Habitat in 2006
A photo of a handbag and a pair of wellington boots on stands inside an art gallery
Producing well-designed and affordable clothes has been a hallmark of Hulanicki's clothes. Since 2010 she has been producing a range for George at Asda, including wellies
A photo of a selection of containers of make-up and sprays inside an art gallery cabinet
Hulanicki produced a make-up range to complement the clothing label during the 1980s. This was sold in her shops as well as nationwide through small, independent shops and outlets
A photo of a series of dresses on stands inside an art gallery
Hulanicki began using satic fabrin weaves at the end of the 1960s, and they remained popular until the end of her work for Biba in 1974
A photo of a series of different-coloured varnishes and make-ups inside a gallery cabinet
The make-up range was particularly noted for its flamboyant use of dark, rich colours. The exhibition draws from one of the largest remaining collections of her cosmetics
A photo of a museum cabinet full of wellington boots, books and ephemera in gold
Hulanicki has played an important role in putting the new show together. Interviews, film footage and interactive elements all feature, with a particular focus on her architectural achievements
  • Biba and Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki runs until April 14 2012. Read our Preview and Review.
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