Shoes chosen by Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton arrive at Northampton Museum

By Culture24 Reporter | 21 August 2012
A photo of a fashion shoe in blue with a yellow lace pattern and a huge heel
A Royal shoe-in at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
An “exquisite” pair of sapphire shoes, picked to adorn the Duchess of Cambridge's soles from 120 precocious designs, has made the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery its next stop from Harrods.

Becka Hunt’s prototype will spend six weeks gleaming in the museum’s famed shoe collection. The student’s cream lace-covered works were chosen by Kate Middleton in a glamorous competition at De Montford University.

“I am absolutely overwhelmed, excited and amazed,” said the 20-year-old from Peterborough.

“The attention I have had since I was announced as the winner is all a little scary to be honest, but I have to say it has been great fun. Hopefully this will be good for a future career.”

Brandon Eldred, of Northampton Borough Council, called the town’s newest exhibit “fantastic”.

“Becka’s shoes clearly caught the Duchess of Cambridge’s eye with their stunning design,” he added.

“She will no doubt be another British designer to keep an eye on in future years.”

The shoe will be at the museum until September 9 2012. An exhibition of the artist’s work will follow later in the year.
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