Jain Centre

This is the first consecrated Jain temple in the western world, developed in 1980, in a converted church in Leicester City - establishing a modern European centre for Jain doctrine. It has become a place of pilgrimage for Jains and we get visitors from schools, universities, tourists and dignitaries.

The temple presents a magnificent piece of Jain architecture, made from Jaselmere yellow stone. The front elevation of the building is made up of white marble cladding and eight pillars depicting symbolic Jain architecture. The staircases are hand-carved by Indian artisans, and the stained-glass windows describe the life of Mahavira.

The main temple has 44 pillars, hand-carved in yellow limestone or marble, depicting symbolic Jain doctrine in the front elevation. There is also a beautiful temple dome, ceiling with traditional Jain carvings, white marble floor, mirror finished walls, concealed lighting and traditional doors at the Garbhagriha. It took 254,000 man-hours to carve and assemble the temple here. Jain temples are clean and serene. In Jain temples people - even children - do not eat or drink.

On the Ground floor in the lobby you will find display panels, which explain Jainism and Jain way of life in brief. In the Auditorium you will find a special exhibition of the special events in the life of tirthankaras, monks, nuns, Jain architecture and Jain way of Life.

Venue Type:

Sacred space

Jain Centre
32 Oxford Street






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