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Growing Schools aims to give all children the opportunity to connect with the living environment, whether it is an inner city window box or a vast country estate, a school veg plot or a natural woodland. Interacting with living plants and animals provides a very rich, hands-on learning experience in which both formal and informal education can flourish.

The Growing Schools programme supports the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto, and focuses particularly on three areas that are accessible to all, at some level, as a context for learning. They are:

Food and farming, including the managed countryside
Gardens, gardening and green spaces
Wildlife and the natural environment

The Growing Schools website has been designed to support teachers in using the "outdoor classroom" as a resource across the curriculum for pupils of all ages.

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Campaign or initiative

Resources listed here may include websites, bookable tours and workshops, books, loan boxes and more. You may need to scroll down or click on headers to see them all.

Decorating Fencing Instructions

School fences can be much more than just utilitarian. Although essential for security or separating different areas, fences can be decorative in their own right. They can challenge pupils to make structures that are both useful and beautiful, perhaps using locally grown wood or recycled and scrap materials. Like the railings round some urban parks, they can become a temporary outdoor exhibition space, displaying works made by pupils in science or art lessons. This instruction worksheet demonstrates how to make 2 kinds of fence with a class.

The Growing Schools Garden

This interactive website, inspired by the Growing Schools Garden at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, is full of resources, photos, videos, case studies, instructions for class projects and useful links. They are divided between projects on school grounds, and opportunities for exploring outside on school trips and visits. There are various zones for different types of gardens, buildings and structures, supporting Learning Outside the Classroom through Adventurous Activities, Heritage and the Built Environment, Natural Environment, Creativity and the Arts, Farming and Countryside, School Grounds and Places of Worship and Spirituality.

The Renewable World Website

Welcome to The Renewable World. Explore the fast-changing world of renewable materials, and their role in building a sustainable future.
Play the Renewable World eco-friendly home game to see how materials have changed in the last 100 years, and how they might develop in future. Then visit the Student Information Centre or the Resources for Teachers for additional information and ideas for further investigation. There are also with case studies, lesson plans and downloads on maths, science, geography, design and technology.

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All information is drawn from or provided by the venues themselves and every effort is made to ensure it is correct. Please remember to double check opening hours with the venue concerned before making a special visit.