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From the very outset the Hockerton Housing Project has been recognized as a possible model for sustainable living. The massive interest that it has attracted indicates that there is a desire from a significant proportion of the public to seek new ways of living that reduce their impact on the environment. In the last few years the project has attracted over 3,000 enquiries.

The Sustainable Community project builds on the Hockerton Housing Project’s current activities to provide a co-ordinated package of services to help people establish new sustainable communities. Many of the enquiries we receive are from individuals and groups looking to set up similar developments or communities. However setting up a sustainable community involves a different understanding of planning, legal and financial issues, as well as new building techniques and technologies. Living in a sustainable community involves many other attributes including new skills and ways of relating to others.

From the large number of such individuals/ groups that we have met, many have struggled to realize their goals, because this knowledge is difficult to access. Their feedback directly to us is that they are seeking this information, but finding it difficult to take the next steps. This project aims to assist such people to move forward by providing a toolkit of relevant services.

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Resources listed here may include websites, bookable tours and workshops, books, loan boxes and more. You may need to scroll down or click on headers to see them all.

Sustainability in Practice: An Educational Experience for Young People


Visiting “problem solvers”, typically in Years 5 & 6, do a mapping exercise followed by exploring Water, Shelter, Energy, Waste, Food and Bio-diversity topics through activities and experiments.
We offer half day and full day visits.
An associated Resource Pack has been developed to provide teachers with activity summaries explaining how they link to the National Curriculum, for use at in-school sessions. A Resource Pack will be provided to schools planning to visit us.
HHP workers can also visit your school to prepare “problem solvers” for their task.

How to obtain

We ask schools to cover their transport costs and make a small contribution to take part in these subsidised visits. To discuss a visit please contact Nick White at hhp@hockerton.demon.co.uk or call 01636 816902.

Generic Key Stage 2 Resource Pack


Our aim over the coming year is to expand the sustainable educational activities at HHP for school children in a number of ways. This includes creating a modified programme which can be used by schools unable to visit HHP due to practical reasons – in essence a generic version with extra sections of the associated resource packs to enable autonomous use by schools. The downloads cover topics including Shelter and Energy, Waste and Water, and Food and Biodiversity.
This work is being supported by the Bradford & Bingley plc.

Secondary School Visit Programme


A 3 hour programme including a tour of the HHP site highlighting renewable energy systems, self-sufficiency and waste management. Can incorporate a mapping exercise.
Walk through a home, noting key features designed to minimise energy use. View the exhibition in our Sustainable Resource Centre and experience a compost toilet.
Interactive session: Either a role play debate about a contentious issue linked to an aspect of HHP, or a quiz covering what pupils will have seen during their visit. Alternatively, we can do an AV presentation showing the history of the development and explaining how the homes work.

How to obtain

If you would like to discuss a visit please contact Nick White on hhp@hockerton.demon.co.uk or call 01636 816902.

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