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Global Girl by Naomi Morris

'Humanities in Public' is the research showcase of the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Manchester Metropolitan University. Our aim is to introduce you to the research we do via a programme of topical events and activities that make you want to come join us and participate. The programme is open to absolutely everyone.

This year’s themes signal a return back to basics. We asked ourselves: what are the aspects of human society that seem unavoidable but which challenge us to think more deeply and ask more probing questions? We decided that three central aspects of humanity that need this focus right now are WAR, SEX and WORLD.

Our third grand challenge is WORLD.

WORLD is where we live. It is our home, but it can often also seem to be a strange, foreign and even alien place. Whether we find ourselves ensconced in our immediate surroundings, or exposed to the world at large, a great part of our lives is spent mapping and navigating the supposedly ‘real’ world, as well as the worlds of our imagination and virtual reality. Wherever we find ourselves, we are also always busy orienting and positioning our lives in an effort to find a viable way between the local, the familiar and the well-trodden, on the one hand, and the international, global and fundamentally unknown, on the other.

The intention of this HiP strand is to examine just a few of the pressing questions that our existence in the WORLD confronts us with, such as: How to live our lives as cosmopolitan citizens in a world that is as much riven by sectarianism, conflict and strife as it is held together by community and common human fellowship? How can we reconcile the invasive sprawl of the man-made worlds of both country and city with what remains of the shrinking wildernesses of nature? How might we reflect critically on political ideology and religious faith in an era of increasing multiculturalism and global connectivity? How best can we continue to champion human rights, cosmopolitan hospitality and planetary sustainability whilst struggling to eke out a living in a world that appears increasingly market-driven?

We hope that you will join us in our discursive explorations, and that we can collectively sketch new maps of this fascinating terrain.

The WORLD themed events will run from April to June 2016.

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Sex brochure

Humanities in Public SEX Brochure

Brochure for the second strand of Humanities in Public 15/16 with events all themed around sex, gender, and sexuality.

How to obtain

HiPWAR Brochure Cover

Humanities in Public WAR Brochure

The WAR brochure includes details of all events within the WAR strand of the festival. These run from 12th October until the 8th of December and cover all types of war, both historical and current.
Towards the end of the strand, we will release our new SEX brochure.

Cover for Gothic Brochure

Manchester Gothic Festival Brochure

The Manchester Gothic Festival stars on the 22nd of October and ends on the 25th. Those few days are PACKED full of horrifying, mythical, and weird events to get your cthulhu tingling. This year's topic is H.P Lovecraft and The Weird.
At our final event we will be raffling off a horde of knitted cute-thulae we have received from Gothic fans throughout Manchester.

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