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The P21 Gallery is a London-based non-profit organisation promoting contemporary Middle Eastern and Arab art and culture with distinct focus on Palestine. Its architectural spaces were designed to maximize the effect of contemporary art as a discourse, through multimedia installations on two levels with supporting facilities for public functions.

These include conferences, workshops, lectures, and film screening. A reference library is available stocked with audio-visual and printed material. A specialized café serves the general public.

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Permanent Transience

Permanent Transience

  • 17 September — 10 October 2020 *on now

Permanent Transience is an architectural tool for the communication of narratives on hold. The exhibition’s intervention focuses on the limbo period after fleeing a country and before resettlement.

European surveillance systems have prolonged the limbo periods between fleeing a country, and resettlement. As a consequence, “holding places” (with all their different typologies), have become the spaces containing lost and untold narratives that need to be nurtured, expressed, then exposed.

The structure and materiality of a “holding place” is not of question within this project - rather the exhibition focuses on the space of limbo in between home and the unknown, and what these holding places hold: the individual and their experiences.

For this project, artist Jumanah Bawazir worked with Somali women looking at the various holding places they had been occupying. “In the context of Somali women on their journeys to Europe, how do we create a process deployed in these transient moments, that builds a tool that communicates their narratives?”. Through conducting interviews, virtually reconstructing experiences, and using poetry together with the interviewees, the project aims to empower and humanize the interviewees whilst functioning as a holding to account to governments operating under the European surveillance systems that are inevitably controlling their journeys.

The film, ‘Permanent Transience’ - Narratives on Hold,’ focuses on one Somali woman’s specific journey illustrating how her narrative is one of 3.3 million in a state of limbo, addressing the government surveillance systems that have perpetuated these limbo periods, as a holding to account while also providing a platform for participants to reappropriate and take control of their own narratives.

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Rayan Elnayal

Re-telling our hiSTORIES via 3D Digital Art

  • 14 October 2020 — 10 February 2021

British Sudanese Architectural Designer, Rayan Elnayal shares how she uses the skills she obtained as an architecture student to visualise fictional spaces inspired by her diasporic background & ethnocentric ideas.

She will explore the artistic journey and conceptualisation of her latest project, A Magic Realist Afrabia, as well as discuss relevant themes in her work including: Magic realism, Afrofuturism, the portrayal of western media narratives, identity & ethnic hybridism.

Explore the intersection of architecture and digital art, and learn how digital visualisation & drawing can aid in the production of ethnocentric futurisms in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

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