Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral now has a stunning Visitor Centre in which we aim to make your visit a really enjoyable experience. The hi-tech, interactive displays in our Exhibition area are a magnet for young and old alike.

Perhaps the greatest feature is the historic Hanging Bridge, a 15th Century bridge which connected the Mediaeval Town with the Church. Built in 1421 the bridge has been excavated and can now be viewed, indeed touched in all its splendour in our basement restaurant. The site of the Hanging Bridge was built over the Hanging ditch, a natural ditch which connected the rivers Irk and Irwell. The bridge is mentioned in many mediaeval documents and was a prominent feature of mediaeval Manchester.

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Sacred space

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Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm
Saturday, 8am-5pm
Sunday 8.30am-7.30pm
Please call to check opening times during August, the week following Christmas and Easter on 0161 833 2220

Visitor Centre:
Monday - Saturday, 10am - 4.30pm
Sunday (Starting Spring), 11.30am - 4pm

It is requested that readers wishing to consult material should make an appointment with the Archivist by telephone (0161 833 2220), letter or email at least three days in advance of their visit, thus ensuring that the material can be brought across ready for them at the time of their visit.

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Admission free

The Archives of Manchester Cathedral date from 1421 to the current day. Housed in a purpose built strong-room above the North Porch, the collection contains a wealth of documents with great potential for historical research; these include records concerning the Cathedral’s land ownership, which help to illustrate the growth of industrialisation and the urbanisation of parts of Greater Manchester, as well as one of the longest complete runs of Parish Registers in the Country.

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Architecture, Archives, Religion, Social History

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Discovering the Green Man

Green Man images are in over 1000 mediaeval English churches, and throughout Western Europe - in some churches outnumbering images of Christ by 100 to 1. In Manchester Cathedral the earliest Green Men date from about 1340, with more from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
Through the trail pupils discover the origins of the Green Man, the different types of Green Men found in churches, and those hiding inside and outside the Cathedral.
In the workshop pupils design their own Green Man then use air-drying clay to create their own Green Man plaque.

How to obtain

This 2 hour session is available for 30 pupils maximum at a time, at a cost of £0.75 per child. For more information contact the Cathedral Education Officer Pam Elliott by telephone on 0161 833 2220, or email her through the cathedral website, at least 4 weeks in advance.

Manchester Cathedral Virtual Tour

The online tour is intended to be an introduction to the Cathedral, and the full version installed in the Visitor Centre features additional information and interpretation of the wonderful interior of the Cathedral.

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