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Standing at a maximum height of six metres (around 19 feet), the sheer scale of the megaliths that make up the Stones o' Stenness, make the monument visible for miles around.

Located by the south-eastern shore of the Loch o’ Stenness, only four of the ring's stones remain. These are considerably larger than those found in the nearby Ring o' Brodgar, approximately one mile to the north-west.

The Standing Stones o' Stenness were originally laid out in an ellipse. Although it is commonly written that the monument was once made up of 12 megaliths, excavations in the 1970s suggest that the ring was never "completed", with at least one - possibly two - of the 12 stones were never erected.

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Prehistoric site, Archaeological site

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About 5m NE of Stromness on the B9055 • 6 HY 306 126

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Stones of Stenness Circle and Henge - Historic Scotland
Stones of Stenness Circle and Henge
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