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The Manchester Centre for Regional History was formally set up in 1998 with the aim of building upon established strengths within Manchester Metropolitan University in the history of Manchester and the north west of England. It is an umbrella for a number of scholars within the Department of History and Economic History whose work has a distinctively local or regional emphasis.

The Centre is strongly rooted in the history of its region, but is also concerned with broader historical questions which explore the significance of regions, regional identity and the relationship between regions and the nation state. It encourages comparative research on local and regional issues and has a particular commitment to community history.

The Centre organises events which bring together scholars working in related fields of regional history and encourages collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects with a broad range of institutions, groups and individuals who are interested in innovative research into localities, communities and regions. It is especially keen to encourage activities which bridge the gap between academic history and the wider public outside academic life, particularly through furthering its links with schools, colleges, local history organisations, museums, archives and libraries.

The Centre produces The Manchester Region History Review and is also responsible for the MA in the History of the Manchester Region, which has been running successfully for several years. The Centre’s aims are:
* To consolidate and expand existing expertise in the history of the Manchester region by promoting historical research on the north west of England
* To become a resource base and national centre of excellence for historians working on regions and localities
* To encourage multi-disciplinary research and to develop and promote comparative regional history at national and international levels
* To encourage research which is popularly accessible
* To develop research initiatives which meet the needs of communities in the north west of England

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Manchester Centre for Regional History
Department of History and Economic History
Manchester Metropolitan University
Room 122
Geoffrey Manton Building
Rosamond St West
Greater Manchester
M15 6LL



Melanie Tebbutt, Director

Craig Horner, Administrator


0161 247 6491

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