Galton Collection, UCL

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The Galton Collection comprises the scientific instruments, papers, and personal memorabilia left to University College London on the death of Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911). Galton set up a Eugenics Laboratory at UCL, and is chiefly remembered for inventing fingerprinting, and for his work in eugenics, statistics, biometry, composite photography, and meteorology.

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The collection contains Galton's fingerprinting kits, craniometers, numerous other measuring instruments, his desk, bookcase, bust, curios from his travels as a young man, his personal possessions, and research papers.

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  • Key objects in the Collection are Galton's original quincunx which he invented, Francis Galton's father's orrery, and his camera used for making composite photographs.

Galton Collection, UCL
University College London
Wolfson House
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