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The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) is an artist-led charity which supports artists and promotes engagement with the visual arts through a range of inclusive activities.

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Gallery, Association or society

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Monday - Saturday: 10.30 - 5.00
Sunday: 1.00 - 5.00

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Archives, Fine Art, Personalities

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Silver earrings in a shape of a cricle

Shape Up!

  • 28 May — 29 September 2018 *on now

We are surrounded by different shapes and colours. From the graphics and structures found within urban environments to the repetitive patterns that construct organic material at a cellular level, the selected designer-makers have drawn on a variety of sources to create exciting geometric designs in jewellery, ceramics, and textiles. The range of new, bright, and bold designs start at just TBC, making them perfect for summer and great for those seeking out more original gifts and accessories for the wedding season.

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  • Family friendly
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a pot with flowers

RBSA art workshops for adults 2018

  • 23 July — 3 November 2018 *on now

Mon 23 – Tue 24 July
Vibrant Pastels
2 days with
Janette Summerfield RBSA
Learn how to utilise texture, colour, and composition to create vibrant, eye-catching pastel artworks. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Wed 25 – Thu 26 July
Mixing Media
2 days with
Ann Hackett RBSA
Discover how to use a variety of media in a range of ways to create interesting artworks. Ann will provide plenty of hints and tips on how to use pen, ink, paint, papers, and materials such as bleach to give your work added texture, depth, and spontaneity. This workshop is ideal for beginners and those seeking new inspiration or creative approaches.

Fri 27 July
Wed 24 October
Painting Small with a Big Brush
1 day with Mathé Shepheard RBSA
Produce a selection of small expressive watercolour paintings to develop free movement of the hand using a range of brushes and colours. This workshop is ideal for beginners but suitable for all levels.

Sat 28 July
Pastel Gardens
1 day with
Lynda Kettle RBSA
Experiment with mark-making techniques and coloured papers to create vibrant pastel paintings based on your own reference material. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including those new to using pastels.

Mon 30 - Tue 31 July
Mon 29 - Tue 30 October
Experimental Portrait Painting
2 days with
Jain McKay RBSA
Trial a variety of materials and approaches to create a selection of exciting portraits. There will be a live model on the second day of the workshop. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including more experienced portrait artists seeking new ideas.

Wed 1 - Tue 2 August
Thu 1 - Fri 2 November
Painting Portraits in Oils for Beginners
2 days with
Francesca Currie RBSA
Receive an introduction into portrait oil painting by learning about the basic palette, how start a painting, facial proportions, and how to bring life to a portrait. This workshop is designed for beginners but suitable for intermediates seeking a ‘refresher’.

Fri 3 August
Powerful Portraits
1 day with
Keith Turley RBSA
Learn how to use mark-making skills, effective composition, and different tonal combinations to draw striking portraits of a live model in charcoal and graphite. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Sat 4 August
Sculpting in Relief
1 day with
Jo Naden RBSA
Receive step-by-step guidance to find out how to transform a flat design into a relief sculpture in plaster. This workshop is suitable for all abilities and a great introduction for those new to working in 3D media.

Mon 6 August
Tue 23 October
Urban Drawing
1 day with
Ed Isaacs, RBSA
Receive guidance and practical tips to help increase your confidence and develop your drawing skills for sketching in the urban landscape. This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Tue 7 August, 10.00am-5.00pm
Sat 27 October, 10.00am-5.00pm
Seeing and Thinking Photographically
1 day with
Paul Hill MBE and Maria Falconer FRPS, Guest Artists
Gain expert guidance on photography approaches to take your image-making to a new level. This workshop is suitable for all abilities and an excellent, great-value, opportunity for emerging and early-career photographers.

Wed 8 - Thu 9 August
Paint a Striking Still Life
2 days with
Dennis Minchin RBSA
Explore the rich history of the still life genre and experiment with canvas design, composition, and colour theory to paint your own vibrant still life. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including those new to painting.

Fri 10 August
All White
1 day with
Vivienne Cawson RBSA
Sharpen up your observation skills, tonal values, and coloured whites while painting from a simple still life with white flowers. A real challenge and a great exercise in learning how to use the paper in a painting. Suitable for all abilities.

Sat 11 August
Expressive Portraits
1 day with Mark Fennell RBSA
Develop your paint and brush handling to help achieve realistic and expressive portraits in oils from life. This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Mon 13 August
Improving your images
1 day with
Zarina Keyani, Friend
Gain top tips on how to edit and organise images of your artwork using a range of imaging tools, including ones that are free to use online. This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Tue 14 – Wed 15 August
Get Your Art Online and Looking Great!
2 days with
Zarina Keyani, Friend
Receive step-by-step guidance on how to use templates to create a website, update and design its pages, and upload images and videos of your work. This workshop is ideal for beginners but also suitable for intermediates.

Thu 16 August
Sat 3 November
Creating Creative Content for Your Blog or Website
1 day with
Louise Palfreyman, Guest Tutor
Artists are increasingly aware that promoting work via websites, blogs, and social media is essential in this digital age. However, it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming. Join digital writer and marketing expert Louise Palfreyman as she reveals how to make the process more effective and less tiresome for artists.
20 people can be accommodated on this workshop.

Fri 17 August
British Sign Language (BSL) for Beginners
1 day with
Tanvir Ahmed, Guest Tutor
BSL is a recognised language that is used by approximately 145,000 throughout the UK. This workshop will introduce key skills and signs that are useful in everyday interactions with members of the Deaf community, such as finger-spelling and common phrases. Tanvir is profoundly Deaf and is a Senior Campaigner for Action on Hearing Loss with years of experience in promoting BSL. He uses a combination of slides, handouts, and demonstrations to lead his workshops in a friendly and informal manner. He is kindly delivering this session at a lower cost to help make it as accessible as possible for those on a lower budget.

Sat 18 August
Mon 22 October
Foundations of Portraiture
1 day with
John Davenport RBSA
Learn how to capture a good likeness by building your portrait on sound foundations. This workshop will focus on the important early stages in the creation of a portrait before developing it into a successful monochrome portrait of a live model. This workshop is suitable for intermediates and beginners seeking a challenge.

Mon 20 – Tue 21 August
Copy, Proof, Print
2 days
with Eric Gaskell ARBSA
Eric is a professional printmaker who regularly posts tutorials on his Youtube Channel. In this new RBSA workshop he will help you through the steps; from drawing (what works for print?), cutting (which parts do you need to leave?), and proofing, to the final print. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Wed 22 August
Embossed Mono-printing
1 day with
Fae Kilburn, Friend
Explore embossed mono-printing and make a range of tactile prints using recycled materials and found objects from nature. Mono-printing is a fun, spontaneous, and immediate process. Prints can be simple or intricate, making this workshop suitable for all abilities and great for beginners.

Thu 23 August
Wed 31 October
Mezzotint Engraving and Beyond
1 day with
Martin Maywood, Guest Tutor
Receive expert guidance on how to create and print a mezzotint engraving. This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced printmakers. Ready-rocked Mezzotint plates will be provided.

Fri 24 August
Mastering Monotype
1 day with
Mike Allison, Guest Tutor
Discover how to use different monotype techniques and create a multi-plate monotype based on your selected design. This workshop is ideal for beginners but also suitable for intermediates.

Sat 25 August
Fri 26 October
Screen-printing with hand-cut stencils
1 day with Karoline Rerrie, Friend
Learn to make hand-cut stencils of your own images, patterns or designs. Then screen print onto paper using your stencils, silk screens, squeegees and water-based inks. Create layers of different colours and produce a small edition of unique screen prints. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Tue 28 August
Cloth of Gold
1 day with
Judith Rowley, Friend
Discover the artistic potential of fabrics and fibres by using a variety of techniques to make beautiful surfaces for two or three-dimensional textile artworks. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Thu 30 – Fri 31 August
Design from Nature
2 days with
Stephanie Redfern RBSA
Using personal image choices, develop a piece based upon the natural world. The work can be pattern or image based, and no amazing drawing skills are required. The textile techniques will include applique, hand stitching, use of fabrics, paper, embellishment, and mixed media. This workshop is suitable for all abilities.

Sat 1 September
Drawing Nature
1 day with
Cristina Celestini, Friend
Learn how to observe and manipulate pictures, photos, and sketches of the natural world to create interesting drawings in pencil and charcoal. This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Sunday 30 September
Beautiful City Posters
Family Friendly workshop, 2-4pm
With Karoline Rerrie, Friend
To coincide with the Civic Society’s ‘The City Beautiful’ programme, design a poster inspired by well-known buildings & places in Birmingham. Draw your design onto silk screens & print your own colourful posters! This workshop is suitable for all families and great for those new to printmaking.

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  • Not suitable for children
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Curriculum based workshops and tours on request

The RBSA has facilities to hold up to 30 children for curriculum based workshops and tours of the gallery.
The RBSA also provides outreach services to schools.

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