Turn your class into Butterfly Explorers at the Natural History Museum

By Rachel Hayward | 03 June 2010
Photo showing the front lawn of the Victorian Natural History Museum with a tent looking structure housing butterflies

(Above) © Rachel Hayward

Butterfly Explorers is a wonderful butterfly house on the front lawn of the Natural History Museum in London and it's not just for family visits - you can take your class along until September 26, 2010.

Your pupils can explore the variety of habitats and ecosystems across the world and discover the extraordinary butterflies that live there and their life cycles.

Photo showing a tropical blue butterfly with wings

© Rachel Hayward

There are free interactive workshops for schools about insects, butterflies and garden wildlife too.

Your pupils will also enjoy the outdoor garden with interactive activities and play area.

You can browse highlights from Butterfly Explorers and download Butterfly identification charts on the Natural History Museum's website.

We've got images from inside last year's Butterfly house for you.

Finally - click on the link for more details on school visits to Butterfly Explorers.

More teaching ideas for you

How about a minibeast project?
Butterflies, spiders and snails are easier to find in school grounds than other minibeasts, so if you're feeling inspired by the Natural History Museum's Butterfly house, we have a minibeast resource round-up for you that's jam-packed full of downloadable material and links.

New primary curriculum case study
Here's a relevant project from the new primary curriculum called Exploring and explaining our world. Year 6 pupils, who'd already studied habitats, took on the role of zoologists, designed a new species, turned them into models and then wrote reports about how they'd adapted to their environment.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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