Campaign! Make an Impact: Museums as your partners

By Rachel Hayward | 21 April 2010
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Photo showing students filming using camera equipment

(Right) A Level students from Swindon involved in a Campaign! Make an Impact project. Courtesy Wiltshire Council

f you're from a school or college and are interested in engaging Citizenship activities for your school or college, then please read on...

Campaign! Make an Impact
Campaign! Make an Impact is an innovative partnership project involving museums, archives and schools. The programme aims to inspire young people to learn about historical campaigns through museum and library collections, and then support them to develop their own campaigns in areas they feel passionate about. The programme is a great model for how children and young people can use campaigning lessons from the past to help them find their own voices and gain the confidence to change the future.

Key advantages to the Campaign! Make an Impact programme
- excellent online resources for teachers;
- flexible resource that can be used from KS2 - KS5;
- clearly meets Citizenship and History curriculum;
- resources have been well received by teachers and already adopted in many schools;
- programme also suitable for use with youth groups, AGAT and collapsed timetable days.

Campaign! Make an Impact is an MLA national initiative and is funded through the DCMS/DCSF Strategic Commissioning Programme.

If you're from a museum or archive and want to know more about the event in Plymouth, please contact Laurel Miller PGCE Education Officer at Wiltshire Council:

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