Caboodle instruction manual - everything you need to know to use the site

How do I get started?
Use this guide to help kids through every step of the process and develop their IT skills. Don't worry, it gets easier the more you do it.

A child joins Caboodle via the "join" button. They follow the instructions and set up an account, and then they are ready to go!

When a child has decided on a set of items for the site they can start caboodling the collection by taking photos. Kids need to take nice clear shots of their stuff. They can be inventive with backgrounds and lighting and explore different angles and poses.

The more creative the caboodle, the greater chance it has of being featured on our news page. The collection can be almost anything, and it can be built up over time if a child wishes.

How do I take photographs for Caboodle?

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Caboodle rewards creativity

Shots can be taken on digital cameras or mobile phones, the site needs them in 'jpg' format. They don't have to be perfect, but they should be as in focus as possible and reasonably clear.

How do I upload the photographs to my computer?
Use a USB cable to upload the pictures you have taken for Caboodle to a file on your computer. When you have connected the USB cable from the camera to the computer and turned the camera on, the computer will guide you through the upload process. Once saved you can crop them if necessary. There is plenty of free editing software available on the web if you should need it.

What size should my photos be?
The largest dimension of a jpg for Caboodle should be no bigger than 800 pixels.

How do I upload the photographs onto the Caboodle website?

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Uploading photos to Caboodle is straightforward, and gets even easier the more you do it

Once your photos are saved in a file on a computer and have been resized or edited as necessary, sign in to your account on Caboodle and click 'Photos', where you'll find the 'Upload' button.

How do I put my photographs into a caboodle?

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Create a cracking caboodle

Think of 'caboodles' as a container or frame for your collection.

First, set up your caboodle via the hot pink 'Caboodles' button on your profile page. Then, fill it with photos from your 'Photos' page.

You can make as many caboodles as you like and you can reuse photos in as many different caboodles as you like. Remember though, once moderated and publishsed you can't go back into a caboodle to make any changes.

What do I do then?
Find your newly made caboodle in the "Caboodles" section and open it by clicking on it. Find the "publish this Caboodle", click on it and it's off to the publication queue. Your caboodle will then be moderated and published.

Now its time to make another caboodle…