Caboodling for children; an example of a parent and child activity

By Mark Slawinski | 28 September 2009
The head of pink plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex

Lurking outside in your garden - a world of opportunity for caboodle fun

The Caboodle site is full of sets of pictures from young people getting out and having fun. ‘Bigboots’ and his Dad got into the garden for a pre-historic caboodle adventure. They took out the ‘Bigboots’ dinosaur figure collection for some ‘Jurasic Larks’ and you can see what they got up to here.

A child with a big grin wiggling his fingers

What will your young artists create for Caboodle?

Why not start caboodling at home with your kids after school or at the weekend? You’ll find lots of ideas for what to do on the website. You could make a toy theatre, create pictures or support a project they are doing at school. Or, better still, why not organise a caboodle party or day out one Saturday? A group of young friends with enthusiasm and imagination and your guidance could lead to see great play activities and caboodles.

Two plastic dinosaurs arranged on rocks

All you need to caboodle is a child's imagination, some objects, a camera and a computer

So, what will you caboodle? The possibilites are endless and we are looking forward to seeing your results on the site.