National Insect Week 2010: teaching ideas and resources

By Rachel Hayward | 09 June 2010
Photo showing a close up shot of a queen common wasp on a purple flower

A queen common wasp. Courtesy Royal Entomological Society

There are over 24,000 species of insects in the UK alone so National Insect Week (June 21-27, 2010) is your chance to get your class learning more about our creepy crawly friends.

But why are insects so important? They support entire ecosystems - insect pollinators help plants reproduce and think of all those reptiles, birds and mammals that rely on insects for food not to mention the insects that act as refuse collectors by breaking down plant and animal matter for us.

The Royal Entomological Society has its own National Insect Week microsite with classroom resources for you.

There's a photography competition 2010 your pupils might be interested in.

More resources on the National Insect Week website
You can:
-download the National Insect Week 2010 poster
- share fascinating facts about UK insects
- and make your school garden insect friendly.

The website also has details of events near you to tell your pupils and their families about.

Check out our useful resource round-up: Science KS1 minibeasts.

Find teaching resources for this year's International Year of Biodiversity on the Natural History Museum website.

Why not plan ahead and make a bug hotel for your school garden's insects this winter?.

Show Me's tailor-made content
Use our pupil-friendly National Insect Week 2010 piece on our kids' site Show Me - it's got links to games and amazing facts. It's perfect for a whiteboard activity or for pupils to look at on their own.

You might also be interested in Butterfly Explorers at the Natural History Museum.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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