Florence Nightingale: resources and teaching ideas

By Rachel Hayward | 19 April 2010
Photo showing an actres playing the role of Florence Nightingale in Victorian costume complete with lace cap sitting in front of a group of primary school children and talking to them about her life

A school session at the Florence Nightingale Museum. Courtesy the Florence Nightingale Museum

The Lady with the Lamp has some special anniversaries in 2010 and to celebrate, we've got a Culture24 resource round-up for you of materials from the UK's museums and archives.

Florence Nightingale 2010
- 2010 is the centenary of her death
- Her birthday falls on May 12
- It is 150 years since the publication of her Notes on Nursing
- The new Florence Nightingale Museum will open to the public in May 2010 - click on the link for more info on visiting the museum with your school

The Florence Nightingale Museum
The Florence Nightingale Museum website's Kids Zone has background information, a colouring-in page and a simple game where you have to dress a Crimean soldier and nurse.

Click on the information tab in the menu bar to present the key background information on Nightingale on your interactive whiteboard. You can also download the material as a fact pack.

The museum also has Florence Nightingale artefacts online for you and your class to see. From Florence's slate she used as a child, her pet owl Athena, to the Turkish lantern used in the Crimean War and more.

The National Archives
The National Archives has background information, source material and questions, a suggestion for a role play with her work at Scutari Hospital in Turkey during the Crimean War. There are also links to more material on the Crimean War and other key figures including fellow Crimean War nurses, Mary Seacole and Elizabeth Davis.

National Portrait Gallery
You'll find a great selection of images of Florence Nightingale on the National Portrait Gallery website. And what's useful is that you can click on them to enlarge them for whiteboard viewing.

Thackray Museum
For more medical games, including a Mary Seacole game, try the Thackray Museum.

The Thackray Museum has a Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole & The Crimean War Resource Pack available to buy from their website.

Listen to the woman herself in a very rare recording made on wax cylinder in 1890 via the Hantsweb site.

Find more on Culture24
For museum sessions, exhibitions, handling collections and more near you relating to Florence Nightingale, click on the link for our Culture24 search results.

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