Ancient Egyptian symbols: the Lotus flower teaching resources

By Rachel Hayward | 18 February 2011
Photo showing an Ancient Egyptian blue bowl from the British Museum collection with a design of lotus flowers around a water pool in the centre of the bowl
© Trustees of the British Museum
The British Museum has some great resources, including photos of relevant objects in its online collection, to help pupils explore the significance of the lotus flower as a symbol of rebirth in Ancient Egyptian life.

So we've brought these together in our pupil-friendly guide to the lotus flower on our kids' site Show Me.

There you'll find a brief guide to the symbolism of the lotus flower in Ancient Egyptian life, a link to the British Museum's collection of objects and their Ancient Egypt microsite.

There's also a link in the Show Me feature to CLEO's wonderful video step-by-step guide to making an origami lotus flower. Just don't forget to make your flower out of blue-green paper as the Ancient Egyptians believed this colour also represented new life.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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