World War Two evacuees: teaching resources and ideas

By Rachel Hayward | 25 January 2011
Photo showing the Evacuation online interactive from Tyne and Wear Museums with a black and white photo of evacuee children with parents and officials on a railway platform about to board a train
Tyne and Wear Museums' online Evacuation game© Tyne and Wear Museums
Here's a round-up of useful resources from the UK's museums all about World War Two evacuees.

Say it in a Letter
On our kids' site Show Me, we have a Say it in a Letter resource for you where we encourage pupils to imagine they are evacuees and write their own letters.

We've had lost of letters through from primary schools, such as those from Compton Primary and Otters class from Riverside Primary School so why not show those to your class to inspire them? The Compton Primary story is particularly good as it has source photos, images and information as well as pupils' letters.

We recommend The Children's War WebQuest from the Imperial War Museum. The challenge set is to write an article and you can focus your pupils in on the subject of evacuation. The information text could be more child-friendly but is short and factual enough to be of use and we like the WebQuest photos.

Games and interactives
Tyne and Wear's Evacuation game is just one of the World War Two museum interactives on our kids' site Show Me.

Author and illustrator Michael Foreman's wartime memories on video
Michael Foreman may not have been evacuated but his wartime memories are priceless and will spark ideas for creative writing.

More resources
Take a look at our 20th Century topic page on Show Me for some more WWII ideas and resources.
More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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