Sikhism: teaching resources and ideas

By Rachel Hayward | 09 November 2010
Photo showing a smiling seated Sikh girl in traditional clothing with a red and yellow chunni on her head and she is holding a sword
© George Gill
Here’s our round-up of free, online education material from the UK’s museums and more.

Sikhism at the V&A, includes an introduction to the Sikh faith, art and history and objects from the V&A’s collection. Although the information is written primarily for adults, we like the way that key points are in bullet form and the images of objects from the V&A’s collection are a wonderful resource for the classroom too.

Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708) was the last of the ten Gurus, and he introduced the customs that Sikhs practise today, including the Sikh Holy Book, the Guru Granth Sahib, that Sikhs should follow instead of a Guru. If you’re doing an assembly or want to remember the birthday in class – the following image of the Akali Turban from the V&A’s collection would be perfect for your pupils. Here’s a link to larger image of the Akali Turban.

ASHT - Anglo Sikh online teaching resources
We also recommend the recently added Downloadable Resources in the Education section on the ASHT (Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail) website. ASHT is an organisation that aims to promote a greater awareness of the shared heritage between the Sikhs and Britain.

These key stage 2-4 resources include detailed links to Queen Victoria and the British Empire. Subjects covered are as diverse as Art & Design, Citizenship, Geography and History and the available images in the resources are fantastic.

You can also find more about Sikhs on ASHT's Frequently Asked Questions page and there are more resources for primary aged children in the ASHT Kids’ Discovery Club.

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