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By Rachel Hayward | 01 November 2010
Screenshot image from cartoon style Henry VIII heads and hearts jousting game from HRP showing Henry VIII and a crowd at a jousting competition with one knight the victor and the other having tumbled down from his horse
Screenshot of Henry VIII: heads and hearts jousting game from Historic Royal Palaces© Historic Royal Palaces
Museums have a wealth of free history-related resources for you on their websites that are free and curriculum-linked. And coming from museums, you know you can trust what you’re getting in terms of quality and accuracy.

But we know how time-strapped you are, so to save you the bother of trying to find what’s out there on the Ancient Egyptians etc, we bring these teaching materials together in round-ups for you. Our Culture24 history museum round-ups include zoomable images of paintings and objects from museum online collections, make and do activities, downloadable and printable resources and interactives and games for your pupils to play

Stone Age
Click on the link to our Stone Age round-up of resources.

Ancient Civilisations

Ancient Egyptians
Museums, particularly Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the British Museum, National Museums Scotland, National Museums Liverpool and the British Museum are very strong on online Ancient Egyptian resources for kids and there’s so much out there to recommend to you.

For a one-stop shop, try our round-up, KS2 Ancient Egypt and Egyptians: teaching ideas and resources.

We’ve also got make and do activities including How to make an Ancient Egyptian costume and Ancient Egyptian KS2 make and do: mummy and case. The former feature also includes jewellery make and do decorations with links to real Ancient Egyptian objects in museum collections. There's also a handy guide to Ancient Egyptian symbols with a focus on the lotus flower.

Ancient Greeks
Try our Online resource round-up: Ancient Greeks for resources including: pupil-friendly background info and timelines, stories from Greek Myths and legends, printable activities for example on the Ancient Greek Olympics, quizzes, interactive and games.

Ancient Romans
Our Online resource round-up: the Romans features games, interactive and downloadable activities from amongst others, St Albans Museums, The Roman Baths in Bath and Tyne and Wear Museums.

There's an interactive Roman story for SEN pupils from the Museum of London.

Following in our great make and do tradition, find our fantastic How to make a Roman Shield feature on our kids' site, Show Me. We use real museum objects that can be downloaded as images to help children with the design of their shields.

More History round-ups for you


We've got a KS2 Tudor round-up: background resources to help you teach Henry VIII and the Tudors. The round-up includes Historic Royal Palaces’ website resources such as a Royal Tudor family tree, factsheets, FAQs, portraits, videos and fun games your pupils will enjoy playing.

In fact there are so many Tudor games and interactives that we decided to give them their own round-up, Online games and interactive round-up: Henry VIII and the Tudors. The National Maritime Museum and the Mary Rose Trust are just two of the museums whose games are included.

Darwin: our natural selection of the best resources around includes resources from Darwin’s home, Down House in Kent.

For a Natural History Museum videoconference with 19th century fossil hunter Mary Anning, click on the link to our feature: .

For a group of Arty Victorians, your pupils will find lots of inspiration in our Online resource round-up: the Pre-Raphaelites. We particularly like the Pre-Raphaelite Resource from BMAG and Manchester Art Gallery’s interactive on Ford Maddox Brown’s painting, Work.

Inventor extraordinaire, Thomas Edison has his own feature with great resources from the Science Museum.

Primary schools have been busy with their creative writing on Victorian child miners. We share their work with you and there's background info and archive images too.

Click on the link for GCSE History resources on the Suffragettes.

Try our feature on evacuees which includes an interactive from Tyne and Wear Museums. Wartime decorations are covered courtesy of the Imperial War Museum.

The National Archives offer Trenches videoconferencing and .

Britain's patron saint, St George is celebrated in our special feature. Norwich Dragon Festival have also produced a great Dragons in School Education Pack you can download.

We’re constantly adding to our resource round-ups, so watch this space for more coming soon!
More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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